Music Video-Cliffs of Dover Cello Cover

Music video concept I shot, directed, edited and produced this past summer.

Music Video Concept & Creation...
I enjoyed the East Austin countryside one weekend in search of a music video location for a special project I was directing, shooting and producing. After a days worth of driving the back winding roads, up and down, getting near lost, searching the concepts home, we found the perfect spot.
For this music video project I'd envisioned a traveling musician, in the middle of nowhere - a simple, rustic, deserted country road less traveled, one with character, one that's lived and shows its age and wisdom. The song, the monumental, Cliffs of Dover by virtuoso guitarist Eric Johnson.
I knew this crazy song being amazingly interpreted on cello, needed to focus on this musicians virtuosity, while displaying a bright, bold and unsteady style to compliment this place, his skill and give him, the song and video a constant shift of power and energy it deserved. 
Very proud to have worked on this project. The Texas hillside did not disappoint and on a breezy, mid-day afternoon, this country road, with character to spare, a barn and winding disappearing road to boot, became a reality.
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